The Fastest-Growing Job Skills of 2024

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By SagheerAbbas

It’s more crucial than ever to remain up to date with the skills that employers are looking for in a world that is changing quickly. The third annual Job Skills Report is available to assist educational institutions in navigating these rapid changes by emphasizing the crucial competencies and abilities that are reshaping the labor market. This year’s focus is on leadership, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence—fields where our platform has seen a notable increase in enrolment.

Drawing insights from feedback provided by five million enterprise learners across 3,000 companies, 3,600 higher education institutions, and governmental bodies spanning over 100 countries, the Job Abilities of 2024 research identifies the skills poised for rapid growth in the upcoming year.

These students, benefiting from organizations that prioritize upskilling and job preparation, represent a considerable portion of the platform’s expansive user base, exceeding 136 million users overall.With the use of this learner database, we may find significant skill patterns.

These students, who utilize Coursera through organizations that prioritize upskilling and job preparation, make up a sizeable portion of the platform's more than 136 million overall users. With the use of this learner database, we may find significant skill patterns.

Leadership skills for supporting teams through organizational change are a growing priority.

This year, all leadership competencies have risen in importance, especially those that center on strategic leadership, employee development, and empathy. Emerging technologies like AI and quickly shifting macroeconomic conditions are placing new demands on leadership, forcing learning leaders to put more of emphasis on developing abilities like empathy-based team leadership, team building, and team management.

courses pertaining to artificial intelligence, drawing a total of 6.8 million registrants this year. DeepLearning’s Generative AI for Everyone course.In only the first seven days, 43,000 people enrolled in AI, making it the course with the quickest growth rate in 2023. Developing AI-related skills will be essential for boosting output and equipping students for a world powered by AI.

Demand is surging for cybersecurity and information security skills.

Cybersecurity abilities make up about half of the top tech talents mentioned. Simultaneously, there is a projected shortage of around 3.5 million cybersecurity professionals who may invest in acquiring cybersecurity skills that will help individuals and organizations in the next year.

The fastest-growing skills are business skills.

The skills in demand that are rising the quickest are business-related, especially in the areas of digital marketing and customer experience. With the marketing and advertising sector expected to develop and consumer demands rising, educational institutions may invest in these skill areas to boost individual employability and corporate efficiency.

Skills for understanding and communicating data continue to be among the fastest-growing.

Last year, data visualization was the digital talent that grew the quickest, and in 2024, this trend is expected to persist. By 2025, 70% of workers will be required to utilize data extensively, according to research, yet only 11% of workers feel confident in their capacity to read, evaluate, work with, and communicate with data. To fulfill market demand and accomplish organizational goals, institutional leaders should place a high priority on investing in skills linked to data literacy and storytelling.

Demand for web development and computing skills remains high.

Cloud computing and web frameworks are two areas where web capabilities are expanding at the highest rate. According to projections, the worldwide cloud computing industry will grow rapidly, reaching $591.8 billion in 2023 from $490.3 billion in 2022. Globally, 73% of workers say they do not feel prepared to acquire the digital skills that companies now want. Investing in these abilities can assist address the continuous lack of skilled labor as well as the requirement that technical staff members keep up with new technological developments.

Skills for providing oversight and compliance are increasingly essential.

Among the talents with the quickest rate of increase overall are auditing abilities, which have had especially rapid growth among students enrolled in government programs. These are abilities that will only become more crucial as educational institutions throughout the world strive to address the data, copyright, and other concerns that AI offers.

Curated learning paths, like Professional Certifications and Specializations, are driving the largest skill rank changes.

Over the past year, enterprise student enrollments in entry-level and non-entry-level professional certificates have surged by 27%, 34%, and 18% respectively. Notably, employers are 72% more inclined to recruit candidates possessing professional certificates. Consequently, these thoughtfully selected learning courses hold the potential to enhance corporate efficiency, elevate student employability, and facilitate internal mobility.

Leaders in higher education, business, and government who are dedicated to providing students with the skills they need to obtain and grow professions will find great guidance in the Job Skills of 2024 Report. Institutions may develop a workforce prepared to meet present difficulties and look forward to the future by investing in these quickly changing skill areas.

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