What are the TikTok’s Positive and Negative Effects on Youth

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By SagheerAbbas

Students in grade 12 who use TikTok have mixed results when it comes to their self-esteem. Positively, students’ knowledge and abilities can be improved by the instructional and instructive information that TikTok can offer. It may also act as a stage for artistic expression, giving pupils the chance to display their abilities in a variety of media, including poetry, singing, and sketching. There are, nonetheless, adverse consequences to take into account. The variety of content on TikTok includes violent and pornographic material, which might negatively affect pupils’ mental health. Furthermore, students who use TikTok excessively may postpone engaging in religious activities like prayer. To support grade 12 adolescents’ mental health and well-being, families, schools, and governments must strike a balance. ensuring a balance between the positive and negative effects of TikTok usage.

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